(SOLD!) 1999 Dodge Viper RT/10
One of a kind! Meteorite Viper by Lassen
For sale by original owner. 9100 miles. Price: $170,000.00.

Vehicle Description

This car was purchased new in 1999 for $103,000.00 and used lightly. In 2000 I wanted to give it a serious upgrade. A $150,000 paint job did the trick! Yes, one hundred fifty thousand dollars, no lies.
The car was shipped to World renowned painter Christian Lassen in Hawaii for him to paint it. The viper hoods have the hinge above the front bumper, which made it more comfortable for Christian to paint the ornate marine scene in which 2 dolphins swim in the ocean. A beautiful Hawaiian sunset can be seen above water. To complete this masterpiece, Christian executed an astonishing set of raging inferno flames that fire from the car's mouth and leach all the way to the back quarters. The flames start white, like the burning rock of a meteorite, and become gradually more yellow, orange, red, and some hints of purple can also be seen. That's one crazy set of flames!

Click here to view a video of the car (2.9MB RealMovie format).
DivX Versions: small 3.7MB big 6.7MB.

You may already own a super car, or a really cool car, but this one is a whole other dimension that you have to experience.

I am a big fan of Christian's artwork. My idea when requesting the marine scene on the hood was to tap into Christian's specialty, and create something original. It seems surprising at first to see smart, peaceful friendly dolphins on a supercar, but this is for the yin-yang balance. The bad ass flames for him, the romantic dolphins for her.
People on the sidewalks or in traffic only get to see the flames, the marine scene is the surprise for those who get to see the car from up close.

The Straight Numbers: I paid $253K for this car, $103K for the new viper & taxes + $150K for the paint. Some Lassen originals now go for $250K alone, so the car could arguably be worth over $300K. The base car itself is still worth about $50K, and the new Generation III vipers SRT/10 are likely to make the Classic Viper Look of this Rt/10 even more popular.

Wherever I park it, the car is a hit. The pictures you see here don't quite do the car justice. You have to see it in person!
A lot of you ask me how I could spend so much on a paint job. Some answers are here. Good luck to you.

Vehicle Condition

There is one little scratch on the left side, and a few scratches on the removable hard top. A little of peel-off is occurring in the lower corners of the front bumper.

Terms of Sale

Because of the special paint job, buyer will be responsible for shipping. The car will be picked up from the vicinity of Bellevue, Washington, USA.

For more information, please send me an email.

Like the car but don't have $170K in your back pocket?
$1000 will get you in The Meteorite Viper Club!
The car will sell, or the club will get formed, it's one or the other.

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